Medical Equipment That All Hospitals Need

According to Waleed Alabsi, to provide a comprehensive treatment of patients there is a standard set of equipment that hospitals need.

According to Waleed Alabsi, to provide a comprehensive treatment of patients there is a standard set of equipment that hospitals need.

1. Hospital stretchers:

Transportation of patients is important when dealing with an emergency. This Providian Medical Equipment is necessary for hospitals as patients route through their care.

2. Defibrillators:

This equipment is commonly used in life-threatening situations like tachycardia or cardia arrhythmias restoring normal rhythm to the heart.

3. Anesthesia machines:

According to Waleed Alabsi, These machines are designed with the capacity of providing an accurate and continuous supply of medical gasses that are used to maintain a proper level of anesthesia to a patient. Anesthesia machines come with tools such as a suction unit, ventilator, and patient monitoring devices.

4. Patient monitors:

These are medical equipment that keeps an accurate track of a patient’s condition and state of health. They are necessary when providing vare to pediatric adult and neonatal patients.

5. Sterilizers:

Sterilizers get rid of all forms of microbial life like bacteria fungi, spores, viruses present on surgical tools and other medical items. An autoclave is used to sterilize equipment using high-pressure steam.

6. EKG/ECG machines:

Providian EKG machines are used to monitor and record the electrical activity of the heart over some time. It monitors the overall rhythm of the heart and identifies abnormalities.

7. Surgical tables:

Providian System provides surgical tables that are used for patient preparation, surgical procedures, and recovery.

8. Blanket and fluid warmers:

Failure to maintain body temperature during surgery can result in post-surgical complications like perioperative hypothermia, prolonged hospitalization, and recovery, and an increase in infection.

9. Electrosurgical units:

This type of equipment is used in surgery to coagulate, cut, or alter tissue to limit the amount of blood flow to an area and improve visibility during surgery.

10. BP monitors:

Waleed Alabsi recommends that Blood pressure monitors are an important piece of equipment that every hospital and clinic should have. This equipment is used to measure blood pressure providing accurate results. A digital blood pressure monitor comes equipped with a screen and an armband that is used to tie around the head of the patient. Ht exact blood pressure is displayed on the screen in numeric for easier understanding.

11. Oximeters:

Following the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, oximeters by Providian Medical Equipment have become an important medical device. This type of equipment is used by a doctor to diagnose the level of oxygen saturation in human blood. When a person is infected with the coronavirus, the patient develops hypoxemia which is a low oxygen saturation level in blood. Waleed Alabsi advises patients to keep a pulse oximeter close by to prevent dire consequences due to unwanted oxygen saturation levels in the blood.

12. Glucometers:

Providian recommends that when measuring the glucose levels in the blood, a glucometer is used. It is a small, portable, easy-to-use device that is utilized in measuring glucose levels especially in people with diabetes. It aids in keeping a regular level of blood sugar. Diabetes is one of the silent killers. It is therefore essential to have this type of equipment close by.

13. Catheter:

Providian System supplies this piece of equipment is used to drain and collect urine from the bladder and can also be utilized as a makeshift oxygen tube.

14. Dialyser:

It is especially utilized in cases of kidney failure to remove toxic materials from the blood that are otherwise discarded by the kidney.

15. Enema equipment:

This piece of equipment is used in injecting fluid into the lower bowel for different purposes especially in cases of relieving constipation.

16. Endoscope:

According to Waleed Alabsi, this equipment is used to look into the gastrointestinal tract mainly in surgery.

Whether your clinic facility is big or small and you’re looking for new and refurbished medical equipment, look no further than the Providian medical Equipment company by Waleed Alabsi Group.

A computed tomography (CT or CAT) scan provides an opportunity for your doctor to look inside your body. It utilizes a combination of X-rays and a computer to come up with pictures of your bones, organs, and other tissue. The CT scan offers more details than a regular x-ray. Whether your clinic facility is big or small and you’re looking for new and refurbished medical equipment, look no further than the Providian medical Equipment company by Waleed Alabsi Group. The first step to offering quality medical care is getting the right equipment from the right company.

How Do CT Scans Work?

They utilize a narrow X-ray beam that circles one part of the body. This provides a series of images from several angles. A computer then uses these images to create a cross-sectional picture. This process is done again to produce several slides. The computer then stacks these scans one on top of the other to create an image that is detailed for your bones, organs, or blood vessels.

How Are CT Scans Conducted?

You may be advised not to eat or drink for a few hours before the procedure is done. You may also be required to wear a hospital gown and remove metal objects. A radiologist will perform the CT scan. You’ll lie on a table inside a large CT machine. As the table moves slowly through the scanner, you may hear a buzzing or whirring noise. It’s important to stay still as movement can blur the image. You may also be required to hold your breath at times.

The duration of the scan will depend on what parts of your body are being scanned.

Though Providian Medical Equipment company, the Waleed Alabsi Group sells all their medical equipment alongside their manuals to ensure that every medical procedure is done the right way.

What Is It Used For?

Through Waleed Alabsi’ experience in the medical company, a CT scan is ordered for several reasons including:

  1. CT scans can detect joint and bone-like tumors and complex bone fractures.
  2. It can spot conditions such as heart disease, cancer, liver masses, and emphysema.
  3. They can show bleeding and injuries such as those that can be caused by an accident.
  4. They can locate a tumor, excess fluid, blood clot, and infection.
  5. They are used to guide treatment plans and procedures such as surgeries, biopsies, and radiation therapy
  6. CT scan can be compared to figure out if certain treatments are working. Scans of a tumor over time for example can show whether it’s responding to chemotherapy or radiation.

The  Waleed Alabsi Group has supplied CT Scan equipment to thousands of medical facilities to date.

What Is a CT Scan with Contrast?

Dense substances like bones are easy to see in a CT scan. On the other hand, soft tissues don’t show up as well. They may appear faint in the image. A special dye called a contrast material is needed to help them appear clearly. They block the X-rays and appear white on the CT scan, indicating organs, blood vessels, or other structures.

Contrast materials are composed of iodine or barium sulfate. Ways in which you may receive these drugs include:

Injection: The drugs are injected directly into the vein to help your blood vessels, liver, urinary tract, or gallbladder stand out in the image.

Orally: A liquid with the contrast material is swallowed and enhances scans of your digestive tract.

Enema: It is inserted in your rectum if your intestines are being scanned.

After the CT scan is completed, it is advisable to drink plenty of fluids to help your kidneys remove the contrast material from your body. The Waleed Alabsi group has maintained an impeccable reputation by providing top-notch and overall solutions to the medical industry. They extend their top-notch products and services to the market in several ways and the Providian System is one of them. 

If you want to buy a quality ultrasound machine, check these seven factors. We include prices, feature, usage, warranty terms, and more things. Read on to get a deeper understanding.

Ultrasound is one of the medical imaging technologies, and it uses sound waves instead of radiations to paint pictures of your inner health. These days, you will get many advanced models with new features. But, we recommend you stick to the core features when buying this medical imaging machine. Find out the best name that has a reliable reputation in the market. You can check our website to get the best ultrasound machine. You can contact Mr.Waleed Alabsi for medical equipment for your facility. He is the CEO of the Alabsi Group and helps businesses across the world. Let’s learn more details about how you can buy a quality Ultrasound machine.

A portable ultrasound machine offers the best advantages when it comes to delivering a faster treatment. For small hospitals, these portable machines can easily travel anywhere on the premises.

How to buy the best quality ultrasound machine:

The price:

The price comes first when it is about buying an ultrasound machine. Besides the price of the machine, you must think about the maintenance cost also. Include the cost for replacing the parts of the products. All these things are important to consider when buying an ultrasound machine.

Identify the key features:

Checking features helps you get the best quality ultrasound machine for your facility. The frequency of the machine means how deep the wave penetrates. The higher the frequency of the machine, the more clear the image will be. Power output is another important factor. The lower power output is good for your machine because the higher unit can burn soft tissues. You can also check other features like imaging, CW Doppler, DICOM system, colour Doppler, and more.


No matter whether you buy a new or refurbished ultrasound machine, you must identify the right use of the products. How often you are going to use the machine, in which circumstances you need the machine, and in which environment you use the machine are all crucial factors to check. You can consult with your technician about this.

End users:

Those who operate the machine must feel comfortable and are well aware of the features of the machine. You can even arrange a training session to help the radiologists get complete knowledge about the machine.

Warranty terms:

You can check the manufacturer’s warranty before buying the machine. The best company always covers your all interests.

Technical Supports:

A reputed company always offers technical supports to solve the machine problem. The prompt services distinguish a reputed company from others.

Availability of technical parts:

You can buy models that are popular in the market because the availability of parts will not be a challenge for you. So, check these things before buying an ultrasound machine for your facility. Visit Providian for more details. We have a huge range of models to offer with industry-standard warranty terms. Contact Mr.Waleed Alabsi to get the best medical equipment for your facility. He leads the Alabsi Group that helps businesses across the globe.

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